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Know yourself better

A suite of tiny applications working together to give you a birds eye view of yourself through your possessions. A quick reference of your family members and contacts, A handy reference of your property, A home inventory tracker, A collectibles tracker for almost any kind of collection and a secret vault to store information all working together to assure you peace of mind is ZenLife. You can download a free trial or continue reading.

ZenLife Home Inventory Software
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  • Simple and fun to use
  • Explore your possessions instantly
  • Capture photos from webcams
  • Find objects in an instant
  • Store important information
  • One click backup restore operations
  • Generate reports of valuables

Simple to use
So simple to use, that you will want to keep using it. Keep track of every little thing that you own, pure fun, but a big help when disaster strikes. No recurring online expenses, backup your inventory to removable disks like thumb drives and flash disks.
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My Family
A quick reference of your family members and contact information. Just the thing you need to arrange your next family event or call someone in case of an emergency.
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My Property
If you own a home or a piece of real estate, My Property serves as a handy reference to all your property information. Use it as a cross reference to locate items in home inventory.
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Home inventory
Home inventory is the last thing on your mind until you need it, And it's probably too late by then. ZenLife makes it so simple and fun to keep track of your home inventory that you will keep coming back for more information.
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The secret to building a valuable collection is keeping notes of what you own and how you got it. Collectibles is a great way to manage your collection of anything, be it jewellery or comics.
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The Vault
Your information vault, a simple to use storage for important information. The next time you are searching for a bank deposit number or policy information, you know where to look. The Vault comes with a handy reminder service to remind you of events like renewals.
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Sync to mobile
ZenLife is also available for your mobile phone. If you have a copy of ZenLife mobile, you can synchronize information with one click.
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