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What is lyteRAD?
A lightweight development tool to quickly build complete database applications without writing any code. The tool contains a collection of building blocks to put together a complete application. The ideal tool when you want to build a usable solution in a short time.

Who would benefit from tool?

Why is it lightweight?
lyteRAD applications do not need database installations or servers for functioning. Database administration overheads are completely eliminated. The tool uses an embedded database lyteStore to handle data storage.

What do you mean by Rapid Development?
Typical database application development involves table design, form design, report design and a few other steps. Most of these steps have been elimnated and you are asked to just define tables, the rest is automatically generated.

The tool appears very simple?
It is intentionally designed to appear simple. There is enough functionality to build enterprise applications if you dig deep enough.

What if I have sophisticated needs that just cannot be done using the tool?
lyteRAD pro can be used to build applications using industry standard databases.

Will I be able to switch to a popular database like oracle?
Yes, lyteRAD can connect to any industry standard JDBC complaint database like oracle, postgres SQL using the pro edition.

Will I be locked into your software forever?
You know what? we're like you too, and we belive that there is no one size fits all solution in the world. If your needs grow beyond what lyteRAD can provide, you can always export table data and structures into other databases and build an appropriate solution. The information you have collected in lyteRAD tables can be imported into other platforms.

Why do you have a free edition?
Like most people we love free software thats a charm to use, the free edition is our best effort to provide a completely usable product to you wihout money.

Can I resell the applications I build using lyteRAD?
Yes, you can resell any application you build using Pro or CE edition.

Why the console window?
LyteRAD is a java based application and is launched from a command line script/batch file. The console window serves the purpose of logging any informational and error messages for troubleshooting. To keep the platform portable across operating systems we do not build any operating system specific binaries.

Can lyteRAD scale to support large enterprise applications?
Yes, you can build large scale applications. The recomended approach is to configure lyteRAD to use a commercial grade database as the backend.

What are the differences between the pro and community editions?
The community edition is free and meant for individuals and micro businesses. CE cannot connect or use other databases. The pro edition comes with connectivity to any SQL compliant database.

Should I rewrite my CE application when I move to pro?
No, pro edition is downward compatible with CE.

What will my application users need to run a lyteRAD application?
They will need the lyteRAD base framework, which is a free download. You can also distribute the runtime in your own packaging.

What kind of applications can I create
Check lyteCatalog which contains a large number of ready to use applications that re built using lyteRAD. Many of them are free for use.

lyteRAD usage

Where is my generated application?
LyteRAD uses the concept of workspaces, by default the workspace is set to the word 'default'. The generated application will be in /

I cannot think of a primary key
If your table doesn't have a field that has unique values add a autoinc field which will act as a serial no and can be used as a primary key for the table.

I would like to use data available from existing database tables.
You can use the table import feature

I want to use lyteRAD only to analyze and visualize data in my tables.
You can use the table import feature of lyteRAD to import table data from a csv or xml file. Then use the visualizer to analyze data. Most databases allow exporting table data as csv or xml files, you may export files in either format use these files for import.

Does lyteRAD support multiple users and roles?
No, The tool has been designed to minimize database administration overheads and by default does not support users and roles. It will soon be available in the pro edition as an advanced feature.

Why does'nt lyteRAD have user privileges
thats the whole point behind lyteRAD, it allows you to focus on building your application rather than database administration. But lyteRAD does allow you to add security and user privilieges at a later stage when the application has been well defined and ready for use. And that is completely optional, ony if needed.

Can I host lyteRAD applications on the web?
No, lyteRAD is designed and targeted at building standalone apps in a world of web activity.

Mobile applications

What mobile applications can I build using lyteRAD?
A mobile RADlet can provide limited functionality of a desktop lyteRAD application on a J2ME enabled mobile device. The mobile application will allow users to create data records on the mobile and synchronize it with the desktop application, you can also browse through existing data. Mobile features and functionality are further limited by the mobile devices capabilities and specifications.

Why does my mobile application ask for so many confirmations?
Mobile device manufacturers and the J2ME specifications insist that mobile applications be specially certified by certain authorities to be called a trusted application. All untrusted applications have to be specifically granted permissions for filesystem read/write operations.

When will a trusted/certified mobile runtime be available?
We are working on acquiring a trusted application provider status and should be available soon.

What is lyteMobile runtime?
The lyteMobile runtime is a pre-requisite for launching any mobile RADlet on the mobile. The runtime provides application level components that are used by mobile applications.

Is the lyteMobile runtime free?
Yes, the runtime is free. Which allows anybody to run a mobile RADlet.

Do I have to rebuild and deploy my mobile applications with every new release of the mobile runtime?
No, The mobile runtime is independant of the applications you build. On the contrary every time you update the mobile runtime to a newer version, your deployed applications will be able to use newer features and capabilities.

What is syncing of mobile data?
If you update or add new records in the mobile app, you can use the sync feature to keep it in sync with the desktop tables.

Can I store images on the mobile?
Not yet.

Can I use my mobile camera to capture images and store it in tables?
Not yet