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ZenLife - Mobile

Your life in your pocket

A suite of phone applications working together to give you a birds eye view of you and your life. A quick reference of family members and contacts, A handy reference of your property, A home inventory tracker, A collectibles tracker for almost any kind of collection and a secret vault to store information all working together to assure you peace of mind is ZenLife. Download to your phone [WAP link] or continue reading.

ZenLife Home Inventory for Mobiles
Download to your phone [WAP link]
  • Simple and fun to use
  • Organize and catalog your home inventory
  • Track and manage collectibles
  • Organize your family and property information
  • A birds eye view of your life in one app
Elegant & Simple to use
Keep track of every little thing that you own, pure fun, but a big help when disaster strikes. Store all your important information like household objects, property information, family members and even hobbies and collectibles on your phone.
Feature List
  • Add and record information right on your phone
  • Family and contact information
  • Home inventory of important household objects
  • Property information for reference
  • Track collectibles like books, stamps, antiques
  • Easy search for information
  • Add custom catagories and sub-items