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Feature Tour

AppSack is probably the universal application you have been looking for. One big bundle of 10 tiny
applications to manage and track many aspects of your life.

This feature tour walks you through screenshots of some of the applications and thier features in AppSack. The application is touch enabled and the tiny translucent arrows allow scrolling.

The home screen     Expense Tracker     The Fitness Tracker     InfoVault

The Home Screen

View information and launch all installed applications
from one single home screen.

  • Simple, clutter free interface
  • Launch installed applications
  • View application information

Expense Tracker

A simple and intutive expense tracking application

  • Create expense sheets for month or special events
  • Many prefilled categories

  • Create and add your own expense categories
  • Get summary views and charts instantly
  • Create custom payment types like debit cards and cheques

Fitness Tracker

Fitness Tracker

A handy little application to log your workouts, exercises
and even your nutrition intake.

  • Create tracking sheets by month or week
  • Add your own exercise categories
  • Build your own custom nutrition sheets
  • Use as many or as little of the available columns
  • Neat charts and summaries

The InfoVault

Store important information securely and easily accessable
at your fingertips. Store emergency records, family member info, credit card
info, bank documents just about everything.

  • Easy Navigation and categorized view
  • Vehicle and property information
  • Family and emergency contact info
  • Financial instrument info