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Feature Tour

LyteMobile is a zero code platform to build mobile database applications. It comes with an embedded maintenance free database. The ideal tool to build a custom mobile application quickly. Build applications that match your business or personal need precisely.

This feature tour walks you through screenshots of significant features in LyteMobile.

Creating Applications     Using Applications     The App Store

Creating Applications

The Home Screen

  • Simple, clutter free interface
  • Launch installed applications
  • Create new applications

More information

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User Guide

Application Designer

  • Create and edit applications
  • Delete obsolete applications
  • Create unlimited number of applications
  • Share and publish applications to app store


  • Wide variety of application widgets
  • Add any number of widgets to an application
  • Charts and graphs widget
  • Fetch images directly from webcams and scanners
  • Quick reference of field types


  • Many different data types
  • Store image data from camera
  • Define relationships with links
  • Define table properties
  • Mark a table as Template table

Using Applications

Application Home

  • Stunning User Interface
  • Easy Navigation

Spreadsheet View

  • Explore database information like a spreadsheet
  • Search for records with simple text
  • Export data to text files

Adding Records

  • Add new records with ease
  • Capture image inforamtion from camera
  • Prepopulated drop down lists for links
  • Data validation

The App Store

Online & Local Store

  • Browse online store for more applications
  • Search local store for bundled applications (No data connection needed)

The Store

  • Browse and download new applications
  • Publish and share your applications
  • Categorized for convinience