Who are we?

Lytecube started as an germ of an idea in the founders heads a couple of years ago. In Aug 2008 they funded the firm from their pockets and history is still being made. Housed in Bangalore, we wanted to make technology simple and more accessible to small businesses.

Venture Capital driven start-ups leave no space for a true garage-style company to be at their creative best. One fine day we brought these thoughts together and Lytecube was born, to bring back the power of DIY (do-it-yourself) computing.

"We set out to achieve two things, to build products that we love to use and to build a firm that defies conventional thinking"

What are we solving?

Lytecube wants to simplify technology for everybody, especially small business. The benefits of custom applications is greatest for small businesses. Unfortunately the complexity of overengineered products is slowing down technology adoption for many. Our flagship platform LyteRAD is our first attempt at empowering the small business to build their custom solutions easily.

Innovation at the forefront

The power of being small is the freedom to think free. We have been using our best ideas to build a innovative business platform which puts the customer in the driving seat. We talked to people and figured that no solution is a perfect fit unless they build it themselves. That has been the driving force in building a business platform that is so simple to use that customers will build their own solutions. We also have Abiki which is a complete out of the box business solution to let customers focus on their business while we build the solution. We use LyteRAD ourselves to build another product to testify the fact that we love using what we build.

"We breathe innovation, be it in technology or strategy. We have taken the unconventional route to building a business."

Simplicity as our best friend

With increasingly sophisticated technology comes complexity. Most business do not even consider in-house software due to the time and effort involved in building something from scratch. Our core design principle for product design is simplicity, We use just enough technology to keep things simple.

Our products are so lightweight that they can run on the simplest of desktops. We have tried our best to keep the learning curve to a minimum. And all our products require zero configuration and maintenance.

"We believe that for the sake of technological advancement the world has created software that is complex"

Press Sightings & Media

The Return Of Do-It-Yourself Computing
The december edition of IT Magazine has an article on what we do and where we are heading. A great way to end the year!.

TATA NEN nominates us.
Though we didnt make it to the top, we got some interesting feedback.

Develop Apps without any Coding
The guys at PCQuest gave us a thorough shakedown on LyteRAD's features. Check out the complete review in the print edition.

Zero coding RAD framework for mobiles & desktops
Amit Ranjan did a blog post on the future of non web 2.0 applications. Follow the link for more info.

Getting lyte with LyteRAD
The guys at desistartups.in were kind enough to post a review of LyteRAD 2.0, One of those early reviews that got us lot of feedback. Unfortunately the site seems to be down :(